MSPs and IT solution providers need easy and affordable access to professional legal services on demand. Now they have it.

The InfoTech Law Advocates (ITLA) Legal Help Desk offers immediate 24/7/365 online access to high-quality legal services, at a price channel partners can afford.

Staffed by licenses attorneys with broad experience in business and regulatory issues impacting technology companies across the U.S., the ITLA Legal Help Desk is available in four monthly subscription plans – Basic, Pro, Premier and CompTIA Premier. To help ensure compliance and better business practices, each plan includes electronic signature routing and cloud legal document storage.

MSPs and IT solution provider can work with and interact with the ITLA Legal Help Desk in several ways:

  1. Ask a question. MSPs and IT solution providers can find answers to pressing legal questions via the ITLA Help Desk online form.
  2. Submit a document for review. Legal experts are standing by to ensure that an MSP’s or IT solution provider’s documents are properly prepared, and the language being used is sound and compliant.
  3. Create a new legal document. MSPs and IT solution providers subscribing to the ITLA Help Desk can fill out a questionnaire and for an additional fee , the ITLA Help Desk legal experts will create customized legal documents such as a professional services agreement, a managed services provider agreement, or a backup and disaster recovery agreement, that is tailored to their specific needs.

Features and Benefits

Ask an IT Attorney

Don’t guess. Ask an expert who specializes in your industry. Submit your legal questions online and receive a qualified answer from your business-savvy attorneys within 24 hours.

Custom Contract Review

Make sure your service contracts limit your liability and protect your business, as well as your clients’. Qualified IT attorneys are standing by at the ITLA Legal Help Desk to ensure your contract is airtight and will stand up in court.

Attorney Letters

Professionally written letters from an attorney demonstrate that you mean business. Don’t go it alone when qualified IT attorneys are standing by to help.

Cloud Legal Document Storage

Electronic Signature Routing

Electronic signature gathering must be compliant with industry best practices. Don’t leave this up to chance. Let the qualified IT attorneys at the ITLA Legal Help Desk ensure that the electronic signatures on your legal documents are valid and will hold up in court.

Free Annual Risk Assessment

Don’t wait until your business is hit with a lawsuit or fines. The qualified IT attorneys at the ITLA Legal Help Desk are ready to assess your business and identify vulnerabilities that could damage your reputation, or even put you out of business.

Annual Report Service

Annual reports take a significant amount of time and resources. The ITLA Legal Help Desk takes the guesswork out of preparing an annual report, and helps you compile financial information and other data into a professionally prepared report to present to your management team, investors and other key stakeholders.

Annual Entity Compliance Service

Are your business practices compliant with industry and regulatory standards? With this service, the qualified IT attorneys at the ITLA Legal Help Desk will assess your compliance on an annual basis to ensure you are implementing best practices for protecting yourself, and your clients.

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