InfoTech Law Advocates (ITLA) is a full-service law firm dedicated to providing small to mid-size IT companies with legal representation. Using services designed by IT experts for IT experts, we offer guidance through the rapidly evolving landscape of laws and business models in information technology. Led by Managing Attorney Dan Liutikas, ITLA helps businesses structure their transactions to achieve the best economic and business outcomes while ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing potential disputes.

The ITLA Legal Help Desk is at the heart of our mission to help IT businesses protect themselves from legal threats. When you work with the Legal Help Desk, you decrease your exposure and limit your liability, ensuring your business can navigate an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

The Legal Help Desk’s subscription tiers connect you with key services and access to our expert legal team, so you can ask a question or find out if further assistance is required without incurring additional costs. Our focus is solely on the needs of small to medium-sized technology businesses. To that end, we offer knowledgeable advice and counsel, and tools and services designed for a wide range of legal needs.